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Telford Mews

Image Credit: Brandon Lynch / CTV News Edmonton

Healthy living guidelines developed at University of Alberta on display at Leduc seniors housing complex

A seniors housing complex in Leduc has incorporated national healthy living guidelines developed by a University of Alberta initiative.

Telford Mews at Leduc Village, a mixed-income seniors housing development which opened in June 2022, was built using Healthy Community Guidelines.

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Telford Mews

Image Credit: CityNews

U of A unveils new health-conscious retirement building

The University of Alberta released its Healthy Community Guidelines, and unveiled a new healthy living retirement community in Leduc. Bianca Millions finds out about Telford Mews.

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Urban Villages Presentation

Image Credit: Christenson Group

Urban Villages: Site Based Home Care Support for Family Care Givers

Read the PDF presentation on site based home care support for family care givers recently presented by Greg Christenson.

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The Manor Ribbon Cutting

Image Credit: Brad Quarin

Ribbon cut on $21M Whitecourt Manor: First residents moving into seniors facility

On Friday afternoon, representatives of Christenson Group, the Town of Whitecourt and chamber of commerce cut the ribbon on the Manor, a new facility offering designated support and independent living units.

The Manor may only be the first in a series of developments, part of Christenson Developments’ Downtown South project.

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Seniors walking in a walkable community

Image Credit: Getty Images

The Benefits of Walkable Communities - Part 1

For decades, Christenson Group of Companies has been a leader in the development of intelligently designed, social communities in Alberta.

What all Christenson projects have in common—whether they’re for active adults or active seniors—are the features that are associated with walkable, complete communities, like pedestrian paths, easy access to shops and services, and a sense of place that comes from being able to pass your neighbours on the street and say 'Hello!'

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Older couple enjoying walkable community

Image Credit: Getty Images

The Benefits of Walkable Communities - Part 2

If you like the idea of living in a neighbourhood where you can walk to your appointments, get to know your neighbours and enjoy cleaner air and less traffic congestion, a walkable community could be perfect for your needs.

From Edmonton’s Railtown, built in the late 1990s, to Sherwood Park’s Emerald Hills Urban Village, currently being developed in Sherwood Park, Christenson has been at the forefront of building walkable communities in the Capital Region.

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Seniors discussing living in Central Alberta

Image Credit: Getty Images

Three Great Reasons to Retire In Central Alberta

With its vast landscapes and beautiful mountain ranges, Alberta is one of Canada’s most stunning provinces. Known as a great place to work and raise a family, it is also a great place to retire!

Outside of Alberta’s two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary, there are a number of smaller towns throughout the province that offer attractive options for anyone looking to retire in comfort. Alberta’s communities are incredibly diverse and welcoming - and enjoy a high standard of living.

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Greg speaking at an event

Image Credit: Brock Kryton

Invested In Alberta: Improving Life For Generations

There’s a difference between simply investing in Alberta and being invested in Alberta.

Raised here since a baby, Greg Christenson, CEO of Christenson Developments has been invested in Alberta his entire life. Following in the path established by his father, Lloyd Christenson, Greg is an active supporter of charitable causes that benefit thousands throughout the province. However, for Greg, being invested means even more than supporting charities with time, funds and resources.

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The Manor Tour

Image Credit: Brad Quarin

Locals tour Christenson’s Manor, opening on horizon

Christenson Developments opened the door to The Manor on Saturday, marking the building’s first open house.

The Manor is part of Christenson’s Downtown South project and the build by Krawford Construction is still in progress, said Christenson’s Marketing Manager Kendra Kozakewich. "We’re trying to draw up some excitement and let people know we are opening soon," Kozakewich told the Whitecourt Star.

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Dr. Samir Sinha

Image Credit: Supplied Photo Dr. Sinha

Improving the quality of life of our seniors in care is at the centre of new strategy

One of the key recommendations is for the province to bolster home care services and keep our elderly out of long-term care facilities as long as possible.

Quality of life. What is it? It’s tough to define exactly what it is, but most of us know when it’s not there.

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Mark Connolly

Image Credit: CBC

Caring for an aging population

Better home care options for seniors. We'll talk about why this is even more essential in the coming decade.

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Jennifer McCue, president and CEO at Bethany Care Society

Image Credit: Azin Ghaffari | Postmedia

The coming grey wave of boomers will overwhelm society if we don't act now

Canadians need to understand what's heading our way because if we don't prepare, the coming wave of elderly Canadians will overwhelm the long term care system.

Last year was supposed to be a time of celebration for the Bethany Care Society. Staff had been planning the Alberta agency’s 75th anniversary for two years. But then COVID-19 hit and instead of celebrations, there was mourning.

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Premier Jason Kenny

Image Credit: Government of Alberta

Kenney announces $68.5 million in support for continuing care, addiction and mental health treatment amid the pandemic

The funding includes $10 million for home care providers and $10 million for residential addiction and mental health treatment facilities.

Alberta is providing $68.5 million to continuing care and other facilities to help with COVID-19 supply costs and increased staffing, Premier Jason Kenney announced Wednesday. It includes just under $10 million for home care providers and about $10 million for residential addiction and mental health treatment facilities.

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Christenson Nursing Team

Image Credit: CDL Homes

Private Care and the COVID-19 Response Model in Alberta

While no one disputes the current need for lockdowns, particularly those targeted on protecting seniors and those with comorbidities, Christenson Communities feels lockdowns cannot be the only strategy and points out that prevention, mental health, and reducing depression are also of high importance and need attention during these times.

Long-term care (LTC) and designated supportive living (DSL) beds definitely need heightened protocols, but independent living seniors, adult condominiums, and rental apartments must also balance quality of life alongside medical models of protection.

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Christenson Hub

Image Credit: Business In Edmonton

Christenson Hubs: a resource for the entire community

Christenson Group of Companies is an award-winning developer with decades of experience in leading the building industry’s active adult, retirement living, and quality rental sectors.

Always intent on being a positive, community-focused influence, Christenson is pleased to innovate the sales centre experience for its communities by reinventing these locations as a community hub. Christenson hubs are a resource for the entire community when it comes to navigating the journey of active adult or retirement living. In addition to information on the housing options available, both within Christenson’s scope and with other community partners, the hubs help individuals and families connect with support systems during this transitional time of life.

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Park Villas

Image Credit: Christenson Group

2020 could be year for start of long-awaited assisted living project

Greg Christenson, of Christenson Developments, said the final details of the project – being called Christenson Village at Downtown South – are being completed.

The project has been in the works since 2013. Over the years, there have been several announcements of ground breaking but none that have actually happened. The delays have centered around land development, said Christenson. However, now he said the company has closed on the land, a contractor has been selected, building permits are in place, government grants are in place and the mortgage is being finalized.

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Home Care

Image Credit: Christenson Group

Christenson Communities Is Pleased To Introduce Homecare

Greg Christenson, president of Christenson Group of Companies, is pleased to announce that CCL is now offering custom homecare.

Christenson Communities Ltd. (CCL) has been a leader in innovative long-term active adult living in Alberta for over 50 years, with award winning complete communities that include adjacent housing for pro- fessional workers. CCL also has partnerships to advance healthy community living and active aging with institutions such as NorQuest College, MacEwan University and Alberta Community Builders. Now, Greg Christenson, president, is pleased to announce that CCL is now offering custom homecare.

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Seniors' facility

Image Credit: Scott Neufeld - CBC

Nursing homes a 'perfect storm' for COVID-19 in Alberta, nursing expert says

New diseases can spread like 'wildfire', according to a U of A professor.

Donna Wilson, a nursing professor at the U of A, said early efforts made to prevent infections from getting into nursing homes and long-term care facilities were important. But she added that once an infection does get in, the crowding, the sometimes low number of staff, and the older residents inside who are vulnerable to illnesses and infections create ideal conditions for the disease to spread.

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Seniors eating breakfast

Image Credit: Exquisicare

A Big Problem with a Simple Solution: Fund Seniors, not Facilities

We know that COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring disproportionality in long-term care and seniors’ homes.

Our Prime Minister says the outbreaks in these facilities are unacceptable, and that we must ask tough questions about how this situation came about. I am calling for transformational change in how we care for our community’s greatest treasures - our seniors. There is no need to ask the “tough questions.” The answer is staring us all in the face, and it has been for years.

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Dubai South Rendering

Image Credit: Stantec

City planners and healthcare providers need to talk about their common goals

How can healthcare providers and civic leaders coordinate community health goals, providing effective wellness while reducing healthcare costs?

Healthcare institutions are responding to changes in healthcare reimbursement (moving from fee-for-service to a proactive-care model). The goal is improved community health and avoiding development of costly chronic illnesses.

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Karen Lee

Image Credit: Larry Wong | Post Media

Researcher bets new infill design could make entire neighbourhood healthier

It’s not banning vehicles or cramming people in like sardines. It’s creating a village to give people healthy options and a place to belong.

On Tuesday, public health expert Karen Lee received a $4.4 million grant from the Public Health Agency of Canada to study which physical changes in two new developments will make the biggest difference to residents’ health, and to measure the residents’ health before and after the projects get built.

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Helping Hands

Image Credit: Postmedia – Shaughn Butts

COVID-19: Group offers Helping Hands service during pandemic

Seniors and others struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic can receive a “helping hand” from an Alberta-based automotive group.

Wolfe Automotive Group is offering a grocery and other personal essentials delivery program by partnering with stores in Edmonton, Calgary and Canmore. Seniors and others who may not be able to leave home during the pandemic can order groceries and, through the Helping Hands program, can request they be picked up and delivered to their door.

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Greg Christenson in-front of the new Westmount Village building

Image Credit: David Bloom | Postmedia

Top End Old Folks Homes Are Now Like Luxury Hotels

The eldest of the wealthy baby boom generation are turning 73 this year, but for them there will be no dreary, uncomfortable old folks homes of the popular imagination.

For several decades now, homebuilders have been erecting a new generation of seniors residences and communities that are more like luxury hotels or resorts than depressing institutional quarters. In Edmonton, home builder Greg Christenson has led this charge.

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Age Friendly Edmonton Logo

Image Credit: City of Edmonton

Code Plus - Age Friendly Edmonton

Age Friendly Edmonton addresses the key factors that contribute to healthy, active, creative, aging in Edmonton.

Age Friendly Edmonton™ is an initiative to build a city that values, respects and actively supports the well-being of seniors. An age friendly city is an inclusive place where age is not a barrier to access services, programs, businesses or facilities. Creating an age friendly city helps us all.

Co-led by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council, Age Friendly Edmonton™ is a partnership of organizations committed to local action.

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Bedford Mews in Sherwood Park

Image Credit: CDL Homes

Media Release - Sherwood Park Community Centre Fire

Witnesses hear explosion at Sherwood Park Community Centre fire.

Sherwood Park, AB, November 8th, 2018 - On the evening of Tuesday, November 6th, Sherwood Park RCMP instructed the Bedford Village Retirement Community in Centre in the Park to evacuate immediately due to an incident in the area. The Bedford residents were moved to St. Teresa School, North of Bedford.

The primary goal of Christenson Communities (CCL) was the safety, security and wellbeing of all residents, and everyone was well looked after during the ordeal. Several hours later, authorities had given the okay for residents to return to their homes. At that time, any residents that had stayed with families or friends were able to return to Bedford.

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Greg Christenson speaking at Allard Hall

Image Credit: CDL Homes

Connecting Community - Celebrating 1 Year

At a gathering on June 11, members of the MacEwan community celebrated the end of a successful first academic year in Allard Hall and recognized Greg Christenson’s contributions toward making that building a reality.

As campaign cabinet chair, Greg supported fundraising efforts for the Allard Hall project. He also made his own donation, which the university recognized by naming the pedway between Allard Hall and the Robbins Health Learning Centre the Christenson Communities Leadership Link.

It’s the latest in a series of contributions to the university made by Greg and Christenson Developments, each of which has been about linking people and communities, said MacEwan President Deborah Saucier.

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Rendering of Whitecourt Downtown South

Image Credit: Christenson Group of Companies

Whitecourt Urban Village Project Update

Many families in Whitecourt and surrounding area have been anxiously awaiting news of some kind on the construction of the Christenson Development Urban Village project planned for the area south of 49th Avenue.

In February of 2015, then MLA George VanderBurg excitedly announced the planned 50 assisted retirement living spaces as being just the beginning of a long-term development in the area. At the time, shovels were planned to hit dirt very quickly and the first stage was set to be completed by the end of 2016.

Now, well into 2018, with no building up and no visible activity on the land, many residents are growing concerned that this development is turning into a ghost project similar to the ‘always promised but never delivered’, new hospital. Wanting to be able to provide answers, the Press reached out to Christenson Development to find out exactly where the project currently sits in the process and what residents can expect going forward.

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Greg Christenson

Image Credit: Epic Photography Inc.

Greg Christenson - The Master of Reinvention

No matter what life throws at Greg Christenson, he and his company always rise up triumphant.

Christenson Group of Companies is a thriving community development firm that is best known for creating active adult living and engaging seniors’ communities, but did you know the roots of the company stretch back to the late 40s? Or that, at one point, company President Greg Christenson was down to just one employee during one of Alberta’s worst recessions? The story of the company, and of Peter Dirksen and Greg, the two men behind it, grew from a cycle of what Greg calls “boom, bust and pure survival.” Today, the Christenson Group of Companies can serve in any type of economy, thanks to the foresight, dedication and the drive of the people behind the company’s name.

“It started as a family business,” starts Greg. “My father, Lloyd, was building homes with his father, Andrew, in the late 40s and 50s in Camrose. In Edmonton, he was most active in the 60s, building custom homes on the south side. “We grew up in Grandview Heights, close to the University of Alberta (U of A) and across from the U of A farm. It’s part of our family DNA – the south side of Edmonton.

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Greg Christenson

Image Credit: Christenson Group of Companies

Chamber Ball – An Evening Of Brilliance

Our CEO, Greg Christenson, was honoured to be the 2018 recipient of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Northern Lights Award. This prestigious award was presented to him at the Chamber Ball - An Evening Of Brilliance - on January 27th, 2018. Click the link below to watch the tribute video.

The Northern Lights Award of Distinction publicly honors, in a concrete way, individuals and organizations that have made a positive and lasting difference in our community. The Chamber has sought to acknowledge excellence as and where it can be both demonstrated and justified and when, in our opinion, it is aptly deserved. Among other criteria, recipients of the award demonstrate exceptional leadership, have had a significant economic effect on Edmonton, and have acted in accordance with the Edmonton Chamber's mandate, principle, and values.

This year we celebrate a true pillar in the Edmonton business community with our awarding of the 2017 Northern Lights Award to Greg Christenson, President and Co-Owner of the Christenson Group of Companies.

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Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Image Credit: Habitat for Humanity

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project

In July 2017, thousands of volunteers joined Habitat for Humanity’s 34th Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project in Canada to build 150 homes in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter volunteered alongside future homeowners in Edmonton, Alberta, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, with additional projects taking place in communities across the country. Our communications strategy kicked off on October 2, 2016, World Habitat Day, when we announced the project.

In April 2017, on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, PSB surveyed 1,000 people in the United States and Canada, examining the perceptions, challenges to and benefits of affordable housing in both countries. The survey resulted in our first-ever Affordable Housing Survey, which underscored the urgent need for solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

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Eton Park

Image Credit: Christenson Group of Companies

Find Your Home at Eton Park Estates

Christenson Developments welcomes you to explore Eton Park Estates! This beautiful development is found within the desirable Emerald Hills community - a sprawling 50 acre Urban Village that is located on Sherwood Park's north side.

Eton Park Estates is a four-storey condominium placed within the centre of an array of first-rate amenities, such as a 7.5 acre scenic park, walking trails, and over 40 retail and service outlets. Strategically situated, Eton Park Estates also offers convenient access to a major roadway, Yellowhead Trail, allowing for easy commutes to and from Edmonton.

Showcasing 56 beautifully designed condominiums, Eton Park Estates provides numerous living options for homeowners to choose from, which are sure to meet a wide variety of consumer lifestyle needs.

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Engineering Magazine

Image Credit: Jason Franson

It Takes A Leader To Build A Village

When Greg Christenson (Civil ’79) talks about homebuilding, he’s really addressing the creation of sustainable communities and neighbourhoods—planning the ways that buildings, services and gathering places serve the families making it their home, knitting people together in a community that thrives and endures over generations.

He’s the kind of guy who wonders why towns and cities sprouted up where they did, and what kept them going.

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