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Helping you manage your care through our Custom Supportive Living programs.

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Helping You Manage Your Care

Custom Supportive Living (CSL) by Christenson Health Services (CHS) was born of a deep passion for helping mature adults live their best life. Christenson Communities understands that each lifestyle is unique. At CHS we take pride in creating tailored home health care plans that are specific to the unique needs of both individuals and couples.


Custom Supportive Living (CSL) takes a custom approach to designing your home health needs. We as innovators in home care, recognize that your health is your most personal priority. Our Health Navigators are here to help you navigate the vast health care system while advocating on your behalf. By supporting you in making educated decisions and listening to your story, we are able to confidently customize the highest quality care plans.


Christenson Health Services (CHS) believes in taking a holistic approach to providing care services. We understand that caring for you as a whole person goes far beyond just meeting your acute medical needs. Our team will create opportunities for you to be a part of our greater Christenson community, providing: social, emotional and spiritual support. By aligning our clients with a healthy community of like- minded individuals, your care experience can be transformational.


Custom Supportive Living (CSL) is about bringing back freedom and choice to your home health care needs. We educate and offer choices that are outside the mainstream approach to receiving care. We give you the knowledge and power to choose WHEN you receive care, HOW you receive care and WHO you receive care from. Guiding individuals and couples to their perfect care formula while ensuring any opportunities for all funding have been explored.


Custom Supportive Living (CSL) was created with couples in mind. We will seamlessly support you as you step away from your care duties and reignite the friendship and passion in your marriage. Couples see a full lifestyle makeover when they work with our experts to combine customized care options, eligible funding and community supports. Within our communities, CSL Couples can truly age in place knowing they will stay together.