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There’s a difference between simply investing in Alberta and being invested in Alberta.

Greg Christenson At An Event

Raised here since a baby, Greg Christenson, CEO of Christenson Developments has been invested in Alberta his entire life. Following in the path established by his father, Lloyd Christenson, Greg is an active supporter of charitable causes that benefit thousands throughout the province. However, for Greg, being invested means even more than supporting charities with time, funds and resources.

The Christenson Group of Companies, led by Greg Christenson, has focused on improving the lives of the growing baby boomer and seniors populations. Key staff members have volunteered thousands of hours on housing and care committees at municipal, provincial, and national levels, and have advanced the standards of the Alberta housing and care industries. They also work closely with Alberta's Universities, supporting research and development.

Advocating For Community Development

Greg and his team have been actively engaging Albertans with innovative urban villages since creating Railtown, one of the first new communities in downtown Edmonton, almost three decades ago.

Urban villages are compact areas that can offer medium density housing choices, with walkable parks, as well as retail and professional buildings. Residents can get exercise and engage their neighbours while supporting nearby restaurants, shops, services and, ideally, recreational facilities.

Urban Villages lay the groundwork for "Complete Communities", inclusive neighbourhoods that include transportation options, a range of housing options, a mix of residential and commercial development, and a focus on health and wellness. In a complete community, residents can live, work, and be near family supports, all in the same area.

More than just another conventional single-family neighbourhood, complete communities offer a diverse range of housing choices, including rental, condominiums, retirement housing, and affordable family housing for a broader range of residents.

These communities are designed to support vehicles as well as active walking, cycling, and public transit, and contain nearby businesses where residents can support local entrepreneurs. Neighbourhood mixed-use commercial centres provide valuable supportive services, amenities, and local employment opportunities.

Supporting Education & Experience For Our Future Leaders

The Christenson Group of Companies looks for opportunities to support Alberta's long-term prosperity by working with the future leaders in our communities and industry – our students. For example, Christenson recently hosted the Connectivity event at MacEwan University, and the creation of an Aging Well professorship at the University of Alberta.

Sustainable & Healthy Communities

With an eye towards future communities, and the opportunity to improve life in Alberta for generations, Greg—a graduate in civil engineering—is responsible for creating a new professorship at the University of Alberta. The Christenson Professorship for Sustainable and Healthy Communities is with the Nasseri School of Building and Engineering in Faculty of Engineering.

Driven by passion and a love for this province, Greg Christenson and his team are invested in Alberta. The work they have done, and continue to do, will positively impact future generations for years to come.

For Greg, there’s nothing better than building lasting relationships and sustainable communities.

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