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Helping couples stay together, is the lifeblood and inspiration behind Custom Supportive Living. Christenson Health Services is dedicated to helping keep couples stay together throughout their journey with us. We stand proudly committed to ensuring that your care needs do not divide you.

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Sally & Joe

Sally and Joe

Sally and Joe live together independently. Sally requires care but Joe does not. Currently Sally is not getting any type of home care because Joe prefers to help Sally any way he can but Joe is getting tired and has no time for himself. Joe is concerned that he is becoming less of a husband and more of a caregiver. Sally and Joe may be perfect candidates for Custom Supportive Living.

Sally will have her needs assessed and find out if she is eligible for a public funds release program that will allow Sally and Joe to have more freedom in their daily schedule and continuity in their care resulting in a lifestyle transformation. Sally and Joe will have more time for enjoying life and each other. Our Health Navigator will advocate for Joe and Sally while supporting and educating them through the process.

Audrey & William

Audrey and William

Audrey and William live mostly independently but William has just been diagnosed with Dementia. Audrey is worried for William’s safety as he progresses in the disease and is concerned after 60 years of marriage they may be separated. Currently both Audrey and William receive homecare services and are visited by a caregiver 4x per day leaving them very little freedom as a couple.

The goal of CSL is to keep Audrey and William together as long as possible while improving their care and safety. Both Audrey and Will may be eligible for a funds release program where they can seek out better quality care, limit the number of daily visits to have more freedom in their life. Our Health Navigator will be their personal guide through their journey to better care.