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From concept to completion, our planning, construction and management divisions work as a united team to design each Christenson community with lifestyle in mind.

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Live well, Share Life

A lifestyle for everyone

Because the Christenson Group of Companies builds such a diverse collection of housing options, lifestyle comes in all shapes and sizes.

In our award winning Villa Bungalows and Estate Condos, our owners include everyone from young professionals to the newly retired. For them, lifestyle is all about freedom and flexibility. They’ve chosen to focus on the things in life that matter most and we make it easy for them to do just that.

Across the province, our award winning senior housing communities offer some of the most comprehensive senior care available. From independent living to a variety of supportive services, our residents are active and engaged, enjoying time with friends in the building and interacting with the surrounding community.

It's all about convenience

As you can see, the Christenson Group of Companies serves a wide and diverse audience with a varied spectrum of requirements. In spite of the diversities, there are many more similarities that are part of the signature Christenson lifestyle.

A Christenson lifestyle begins with the convenience that comes from spacious thoughtfully designed floor plans. Our attention to detail during construction, and our selection of quality finishes, means elegant, worry-free living for you.

A community within a community

Another commonality you’ll find in Christenson projects is a connection with the surrounding community. We were one of the pioneers in the urban village concept, which means choosing sites that offer our residents the convenience of walking trails and accessibility to shops and services. It’s a modern twist on the old-fashioned values and simple pleasures of going for a walk and getting to know your neighbours.

In our senior housing, we go the additional step of bringing the fun to our residents. Organized social events such as concerts with local musicians, wine tasting or craft events are a hallmark of Christenson Communities Ltd. in Alberta. We also focus on peace of mind for our residents and their families. Flex-Ability programs make your Christenson community affordable and accessible. Our well-trained, compassionate staff members start every day with a positive attitude and a genuine smile.

Be a part of it

The best way to truly understand what life would be like with Christenson is to visit the project of your choice in person; discover the many features awaiting you, explore the surrounding area and meet the neighbours.

Visit the Our Communities page for contact information and the best times to visit.