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Our residents are happy and safe! View our collection of photos and testimonials from just some of the happy moments within our communities.

Christenson Communities Testimonials & Gallery

My parents feel safe in their new home and have the support if they need it. They keep busy with recreational programming and enjoy morning coffee and the afternoon socials with other residents in the community. They have everything they need inside the community and enjoy not having to maintain a house on their own anymore, especially during the winter months. — Daughter to our residents

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I can’t imagine living anywhere other than here, this is my home. — Christenson Communities Resident

I am proud to be part of the Westmount team. I have never been part of such an amazing group. Everyone is doing an amazing job to keep the residents safe. — Tracey (CCL Recreation Coordinator)

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I always love coming to work, I feel very supported and never alone. We work as a team and we always check in with one another to make sure we are doing ok. — Grace (CCL Housekeeping Staff)

Since COVID started life is simpler, under control and safer.  We can have groceries delivered and there are rules and regulations but they are for our benefit. — Village at Westmount Resident

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Don’t delay in moving into Village at Westmount!  I am 73 yrs old and I chose to move in because I wanted to enjoy living independently but knew that if my health changed, I could continue living in my suite because I could dine in the dining room and make arrangements to have my suite cleaned.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else! — Village at Westmount Resident

I can’t say enough about what it’s been like having my dad living in a Christenson Community, it’s an absolutely amazing place — Daughter to a resident

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I feel comfortable and confident coming into work every day, knowing my personal health is genuinely cared for. I take pride in knowing my skills are valued and help keep our residents healthy and safe. — Leah (CCL Housekeeping Staff)

They have everything under control for any situation, the staff are skilled and calm and make us feel safe and comfortable in our community. They are doing what they can to look after us and we trust them. — Christenson Communities Resident

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Besides being so close to our daughter and her family, which will be so great post covid, we feel blessed to be part of a community that is looking after the best interests of the residents. We appreciate the care and concern being shown to all of us in a difficult time. — Village at Westmount Resident

Safe and secure:  As a 74 year old senior, my health is of primary importance.  We are living in a community during a pandemic where our health needs are taken seriously.  If we need medical care it it reassuring to know we can call an emergency number and a staff member in our building will come to up our assistance.  We had our flu shot in the fall & got our first Covid shot yesterday.

In-house dining:  If we are unable to prepare our meals or don’t feel like cooking we can order a nutritional meal from the dining room.

Recreational Activities:  Normally, our days would be filled with recreational &  cultural activities and lectures on various topics.  This hasn’t been happening recently due to Covid restrictions but all the staff have been “putting their thinking caps on” to come up with safe alternative plans to keep residents engaged.

Location:  I love walking through Coronation Park and a mature neighbourhood as well as being able to shop at Westmount Mall & having Rexall Drugs down the road.  Not driving, I appreciate being able to take a bus anywhere in the city, St. Albert or Sherwood Park.  I am looking forward to participating in the aqua-exercise classes at the Hemingway pool once it re-opens.

Integrity:  Every resident living in this community has his/her own personality.  Some of the residents are cranky & others gossip.  Every resident is treated with courtesy & I have never heard any staff member make an inappropriate comment about any resident or colleague.  This is a rare quality but one I appreciate!

I lived in my downtown apartment 43 years.  I put my deposit down in 2014.  I did not move into my suite until October, 2019.  During this time I never doubted my decision.  When I returned from my cruise last March I self-isolated for two weeks.  My meals were delivered daily, mail was delivered, and the garbage was picked up twice a week.  Daily, I was telephoned to make sure I was okay.  I felt like I had landed on Mars because life was so different from what it had been before I left on my cruise in January, 2020.  Over the past 11 months I have often wondered how I would have coped if I hadn’t moved into V at W.  I don’t have any family living in Edmonton, and since I don’t drive who would have gotten my groceries while I was in isolation? How would I have gotten to a testing centre if I suspected I had Covid?

I realize some residents aren’t coping well the restrictions, but I am just so GRATEFUL to be living in a comfortable suite on land in Canada rather than sailing on a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean not knowing when or if I  would be able to return home! — Village at Westmount Resident

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We love living at Westmount Village for many reasons:
• the warm welcome from Annette or Nicole or Tracey when we come in the building.
• the cheerfulness of all the staff.
• the way our suite sparkles after Leah has cleaned.
• the wonderful collection of really GREAT PEOPLE - all friendly - all interesting.
• our neighbours on the 8th floor.
• getting our Covid-19 Vaccine today and visiting with neighbours after getting our shots, we miss visiting.
• the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
• the feeling that we are really cared for. — Village at Westmount Resident

We’re very happy and content, because of our staff that is always willing to bend over backwards to help in anyway they can. Also we are very fortunate to have wonderful friendly and outgoing neighbours. Having housekeeping, a handy man to call on is a big bonus as well. All in all, we’re very happy here. — Village at Westmount Resident

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The health and happiness of our residents is our top priority at our communities across the province.

Not only do we offer a range of convenient onsite services from dining, to housekeeping and personalized care, but staff dedicated to the safety of our residents. Residents feel safe while still maintaining their independence and day to day quality of life.

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